Tiny Tuskers’ Fantastic Week

Tiny Tuskers have had a fantastic week;

  • Exploring our book of the week The Gruffalo’s Child, and going on a hunt in the woods to find where he might live. On our way, we discovered Mrs. Totman’s reading chair and had fun running around on the bike track, which eventually led us to the Gruffalo’s child’s cave!
  • Joining in with ‘The Conga’ as we spoke about the concept of the word ‘behind’.
  • Counting some winter themed objects on Tuskers’ smart board and dressing the snowmen appropriately for the cold winter months.
  • Discovering what happens to the paint when we paint on ice! We recognised that the paint makes the ice melt. It was a fascinating experiment.
  • Playing with the slime that Chloe made. It was so sticky, but so much fun! We stretched it, prodded it and rolled it up.
  • Playing outside and talking about the storm on Tuesday evening, and the effects it may have had on our outside environment. Some of us suggested that it may have made trees fall down, whilst others thought that it blew things away from the garden.
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