About St Neot’s – Clubs.

St Neot's children have the chance to take part in an extensive choice of clubs and activities. These run from 4.00pm-4.55pm for Reception to Year 4 and from 4.30pm-5.30pm for Year 5 upwards. There are no clubs on Fridays.

The choice is remarkable and gives all St Neot's children the chance to try something new, gain new experiences and to maybe find that one thing that gives them confidence and self belief.

There is something for everyone. The children can choose from Reporters Club, Mindfulness Colouring, Swimming, Street Dance, Construction Club, Musical Theatre, Running Club, Horse Riding, Mindfulness, Art Club, Board Games, Tennis, Kwik Cricket, Jewellery Making and Dance Live - plus many many more.

The vast majority of clubs are free of charge, although a handful do incur an additional charge.

St Neot’s Staff.