About St Neot’s – Drama.

All the World’s a Stage,” as Shakespeare put it so aptly, and it is through the stage we can explore this world in a creative, confident and collaborative environment. Drama at St Neot’s encompasses a skill based approach that explores a wide variety of styles and genres within theatre, acting and the wider world around us. From physical based focus in the early part of the curriculum to GCSE based frameworks focusing on devising, script writing and improvisation in the senior programme.

Drama at St Neot’s prepares students to take on any challenge that involves the stage and the students’ presentation and performance skills. We explore a Shakespeare play each year and surround these schemes of work with other themes, stories and character explorations through historical and textual exploration.

Drama at St Neot’s aims to: stimulate the imagination of our students; to encourage self-confidence develop an ability to effectively communicate both verbally and physically acquire a good understanding of the history, nature and function of theatre, the history and theatrical skills, provide a broad and exciting experience for students learn subject specific skills within acting, performance, directing and stagecraft promote respect and appreciation of all cultures – particularly relevant in our culturally rich world – develop lively, creative, enquiring minds and the ability to question and debate rationally.

St Neot’s Staff.