Pupils are successful in gaining entrance to their first school of choice. More than 30 scholarships in a wide variety of areas including academic, art, music and sport have been gained to senior day and boarding schools in 3 years.
ISI Inspection Report June 2010

Academic Subjects

English sits at the heart of the curriculum at St. Neot’s. We encourage them to be creative, imaginative and accurate whilst covering key skill areas such as Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, Spelling and Grammar. English is taught by form teachers until Year 4, then by subject specialists from Year 5 onwards. Children have weekly spelling tests and library sessions. We encourage a love of reading. The English department and other members of staff regularly listen to individual readers. We inspire our pupils to become perceptive, fluent readers, who are able to engage with texts both for enjoyment and analysis. Our well-resourced Library is an important part of the school. Library sessions give pupils the opportunity to explore the broad spectrum of fiction, non-fiction, literary texts, reference material and other media. They also support research and reading for all curriculum areas as well as for pleasure. In Year 7 and 8, our English curriculum is taught through the PSB. Our curriculum equips pupils with the necessary skills for Academic Scholarship Examinations, GCSE and beyond. We study a broad range of classic and contemporary literature such as Macbeth by William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, Trash by Andy Mulligan and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne.