We Foster Education

Children are housed on the outskirts of our woodland, supporting free flowing classroom and outdoor based activities. The National Curriculum forms the basis of the education on offer, however this is enhanced by an individualised approach and high expectations set by the talented teachers. We use a Mastery based approach to Mathematics and follow an individualised reading programme for children, building on their own achievements and areas for development. Teachers use the woodlands as an extension of their classrooms and classes can often be found hunting fairy tale characters, watching the fire in the Hive to form the basis of their poetry writing or experimenting with gravity!

We Pursue Excellence

Additionally, all children from Reception to Year 2, have weekly sessions taught by specialist teachers. This includes: Music, French, IT, Swimming, Games, PE, Tennis and Forest School. Throughout their learning, children are supported to deepen their understanding of our St Neot’s Learning Skills that run throughout the school. They develop key skills such as Leadership, Collaboration, Independence, Thinking and Learning and Reviewing and Improving. Children also have access to individual music lessons, tennis coaching and a wide range of clubs. Opportunities to showcase these skills are provided throughout the year through a variety of performances.

We Practice Honesty

Playtimes are full of fun and build on the roots of our school ethos, as they den build in the woods and explore in their dedicated Pre-Prep adventure playground. The children have strong links with the main school, as older pupils are keen to keep the bond with the Pre-Prep, as they reminisce on their own journey through the school. Children in Year 7 and Year 8 support school events and act as mentors for school wide projects such as our annual Fun Run and Den Building Competition.

We Create Fun

Community, a sense of belonging and holding tight onto our values as a St Neot’s family, are all embedded during this crucial stage. Children and their families are warmly welcomed to the school throughout their start in the Pre-Prep, through our Open Door ethos; which provides an excellent foundation for their schooling ahead. Children transition to Middle School with independent thinking skills, a strong foundation and a pride in their school and their own achievements.
We also offer extended hours, until 6pm, for your childcare needs.

Building on their Nursery experience, children complete their final year of the Early Years Foundation Stage in our Reception classes. Children are encouraged to deepen their love for learning through a variety of practical and exciting tasks, based around their interests. Focus is also given to the imperative development of key skills and knowledge and children are supported in their foundations of core subjects through personalised approaches and programmes such as Read, Write, Inc.